Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Evangelistic Effectiveness

On New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, I posted 14 micro thoughts / statements on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn related to evangelism effectiveness in local churches. The post drew such a response, I have pulled them together into one list and posted them here. Some are my own thoughts while others are drawn from my reading of the research report: “Evangelistic Effectiveness: Difference Makers in Mindsets and Methods,” by Steve Parr and Thomas Crites. Their work can be accessed HERE.
Enjoy the list and feel free to use it as you can to encourage evangelistic activity in local churches.
  1. The most effective churches connect small groups/S.S. 2 evangelism/utilizing 4 outreach & assimilation + Bible study.
  2. New member/new Christian classes are more prevalent in the most effective evangelistic churches.
  3. Effective Evangelistic churches are found 2 be more likely 2 have a designated time 4 visitation than typical church.
  4. Evangelistic Churches are not shy about going to homes of prospects or recent guests. Approaches vary by context.
  5. "significantly more highly effective churches sponsor evangelistic events than lesser effective churches" NAMB study
  6. Evangelistic churches provide ministry while taking steps 2 connect opportunities 2 serve w/ goal of sharing gospel.
  7. Effective Evangelistic churches typically pray specifically for the lost, by name, on an ongoing basis.
  8. The most EffectiveEvangelistic churches deliver gospel message thru multiple methods as part of comprehensive strategy
  9. A combination of methods used under power of Holy Spirit can serve 2 enhance effectiveness of evangelism n local church.
  10. Churches that provided annual evangelism training baptized 3 times as many people. #EvangelismEffectiveness
  11. #Evangelistic churches don't provide training 52 wks a yr; but they don't let 52 wks go by w/out providing #training.
  12. Our world is no longer defined by geography. Effective ministry must cross all barriers, including geographical lines.
  13. New or old ... all evangelistic methods fail to bear fruit when not applied.
  14. Your evangelism strategy must include regularly equipping as many members as possible 2 personally share their faith.
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Bobby, thank you for sharing this. - Wayne Bristow